Diamonds from Sierra Leone are Contentious since a Number of them are Legal

Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa that has suffered because of rebel activities that are constant. This country relies on its mining actions – diamond mining – but progress has been slow due to uprisings and corruption. Diamonds from Sierra Leone are contentious since a number of them are legal. Not the produced diamonds are channeled through conduits that were legal because most are smuggled. These so-called blood diamonds are known to be used to finance activities. The US put an embargo on diamonds out of Sierra Leone. Starting from the 1990 s, the diamonds from Sierra Leone are utilized to fund the Revolutionary United Front, or the RUF – led by Corporal Foday Sankoh.

Sierra Leone had its diamonds. Over one million carats were harvested within 2 years following the discovery, and the company diamond between the years 1930 and 1998 mined over 55 million carats. The firm granted mining rights by of the Sierra Leone authorities until 1955, DeBeers, dispersing and have been mining diamonds from Sierra Leone since the year its diamond was. Caprio supposedly pressured the producers of the film to issue a disclaimer saying that the events are fictional, but this has been denied by the company. Diamonds from Sierra Leone have Allegedly been spirited out illegally by 75, 000 miners in 1955.

In that same year, the new Government set an end to the DeBeers monopoly of the diamonds out of Sierra Leone trade along with allowed other companies to move in. When insurgency broke out in the 1990 s, rebel forces were reportedly getting financing for their activities by stealing diamonds. Therefore, the term blood diamonds. Unstoppable killings. The diamond trade continued to finance the RUF rebels who Chased their revolts against the government. Despite an agreement between of the RUF head and of the government, of the bloodshed went on. To set a stop to the anarchy, the UN then issued a directive that nobody could buy diamonds out of Sierra Leone Lawfully.

There were a few nations like Liberia, however, that continued the trading of diamonds out of Sierra Leone. It had been a profitable illegal activity, and these unscrupulous individuals did not care about the repercussions, so long as they accumulated economically from their nefarious activities. The diamonds out of Sierra Leone were sold on the open market in Liberia until that neighboring Country exported over 4 times the amount of their very own diamond product – including them in the blood diamonds supplier list. Currently, certifications are issued to differentiate Lawfully traded diamonds out of the diamonds out of Sierra Leone.