Do you live in a Region that has Risks for an Earthquake or Tsunami?

Do you live in a region that has risks for an earthquake and\/or tsunami? The latest events in Japan, New Zealand, Chile also Haiti have brought to light some catastrophic implications for these horrible disasters. The people are at risk of a meltdown and are experiencing the tremendous loss of property. The news coverage of the tsunami hurrying throughout Japan’s coastline, destroying everything in the wave’s path, is overpowering. They’re at risk of a meltdown at one of the plants. Jeff, my brother, and his girlfriend Diane managed to travel one year ago. They volunteered through his church, situated about 10 miles northwest of Port-au Prince, and correlated with Mission of Hope.

They were in shock in the circumstance after arriving in Haiti. The first thing we landed, we saw was the need for food, Jeff said. He told of long lines where individuals waited for hours for a meal. There have been tens of thousands of blue tarps, and people had Au camping tent towns, he said. The ground quake injury was massive, there was rubble as much as you can see. The mission of Hope all has a medical clinic, a church, a school and an orphanage established back in 1998. Jeff was impressed with the operation. It’s expanding its orphanage from 60 to 240 children.

This year they’ll teach 2, 600 young individuals in their school. It’s got a clinic open 5 days a week that treat about 60 patients a day. Federal Emergency Management Agency has a great website for earthquake information. They list: What to Can Before an Earthquake, What to Can During an Earthquake also What to Do After also Earthquake. Part of disaster preparedness for a disaster is a suitable plan, and also to have emergency and meltdown supplies on hand. There are survival kits and reserve food available to purchase, but here are some things from the list.